Do one good thing…

After the chaos of the past couple of years it can be tempting to;

wear your pjs all day, skip the gym- again, put the dishes off, call mom ‘tomorrow’, change your oil ‘next time’, put off the dentist, doctor, landscaping, shopping for another day…

While it is essential to listen to your body, respect your own needs, and procrastinate at times, there are times we get into a rut. When we willfully disassociate from our life to escape to a safer or more immediately gratifying place we stop actively living. We can see this when we start engaging or disengaging in chores that actually do serve us and we need (like brushing teeth, going to the gym, not eating or binge eating, watching excessive tv or video game or social media).


It can be incredibly difficult to pull oneself out of this place. Habits form that are difficult to roll back, a negative self image can take shape and shifting moods can leave people struggling to understand how they reached this point and how to get their life back on track.

One small act to regain the control over your life might be as simple as just doing the “next right thing”. Maybe the next right thing is putting in your shoes, drinking a glass of water, calling grandma, finishing your homework, kissing your spouse for no reason, folding the laundry rather than pressing the dryer to spin again 🤪

What is the next right thing you can do right now?

take it in small steps…

what comes after that?

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