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My Approach

My therapeutic approach differs for each client. I believe that every person comes to me with their unique perspective and individualized needs. Therefore, two clients that are both struggling with the same challenge may receive very different care. Having said that, I always base my work from a strength based perspective, utilizing the intrinsic skills, strengths, and insight that my clients bring to each session.

My practice also provides wrap around care; your support does not end when you leave my office/virtual office. Providing tailored resources, practice exercises, skill based homework, and ongoing support allows growth and change to develop in an expedient yet meaningful and lasting manner.

6 Facts about my approach

* I see tears daily. Emoting publicly can be uncomfortable, triggering, or uncomfortable. Expressing emotions in an organic way is essential to the healing process. I encourage clients to use the language and emotion that comes naturally without apologies.

* I am very strict about confidentiality. Your records are kept secure, and your identity is protected. In addition to HIPAA laws, it is my belief that healing can only happen if there is trust. Protecting your identity is just one of the ways that I offer that. If I see you out and about, I will not acknowledge you. You are always welcome to approach me, but to any outsider I will always act as though we are strangers.

* I don't take credit for your success. Your gains are because you put the work in. My role is to support, provide tools, and perspective. The work will be up to you and you own that sense of accomplishment. I get the joy of watching you reach your goals!

*Nothing you tell me will shock, or disgust me. Having worked in this field for so many years, and with so many different people with varying issues I have heard and seen a lot. Judgement is not part of therapy. You will never be judged for anything you share, anything you do, or anything you feel. 

* I can't always help. This is one of the most difficult parts of my work. There are clients that come to me with issues that are just outside my experience and training. There are clients that expect therapy to be a magic pill, or that I will be able to "fix" your problems.  There are clients that want to change but are just not ready yet. If this happens, we will work together to transition you to finding the resources that best meet your needs.

* I am all in! I take on a limited number of clients because I invest heavily in the people I work with. While your success is your own, I really care that you find that success and will support you every way possible to find it. I believe that we keep working, seeking out of the box solutions until you feel strong and healed!


"For me, being a psychotherapist is
a calling. I am passionate about what I do."

* NJ Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW  # 44sc05847000 

* NJ Licensed School Social Worker 

* NY Licensed Master Social Worker, LMSW

* NPI # 1174942502

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