We are now offering both in person, as well as, virtual appointments via a HIPAA compliant platform. Please inquire for details regarding either session preference. 

I am a NJ licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience providing compassionate care to children, adults, couples, and families.

-Cheryl Schnabolk, MSW, LCSW

Meet Cheryl Schnabolk

My background includes crisis work for children and families through DCP&P, Inpatient psychiatric hospital based individual and group psychotherapy, NJ BOE school based counseling and Child Study Team (CST) experience, and years of providing solution focused compassionate care to children, adults, couples, and families.

Practice Areas

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) committed to providing counseling in a safe and nurturing environment. I work from a strength based perspective where the patient's strengths are used to create a meaningful and lasting change.

In addition to working with clients and their families, when needed and with client's consent, I also work with outside agencies, doctors, schools, etc., in an effort to coordinate care and help clients reach their maximum potential.


Initial Consultation

Our first few sessions are an opportunity for the client and therapist to build trust, establish rapport, and gain an understanding of the challenges you are facing. This is used to create meaningful goals.


In general, I work from a cognitive behavioral framework. We work together to understand the origins of the distress you are facing, impliment goals to cope with the challenge, and explore coping techniques so that you are armed with the skills to independently manage those triggers in the future.


Young Adult Psychotherapy

I have extensive experience working with children, teens and young adults. This diffuicult and confusing time of life can bring up confusion about personal identity, managing conflicts and the anxiety and stress that often accompany those feelings. Coping skills, navagiting adult and peer relationships, managing conflict and creating healthy life habits are an essential piece of this work.


Family Counseling

This type of therapy comes from a systems based approach. We work as a team to understand how our actions, perceptions, and communication style impact those closest to us.


Couples Therapy

Managing relationships can be hard work. We work together as  a team to discover healthy communication techniques and rebuild damaged relationships.


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